How exactly does our upcycling work?

The denim product disassembled to the state of cut and becomes an artistic base for creating new clothing models by combining them.

As a result we have, in a certain sense, mosaic of denim, which plays differently in each specific case, in each specific model.

The production process looks like this:

  • searching and purchasing of vintage denim clothing of the necessary density and quality,
  • its cleaning and disinfection,
  • deviding into primary elements,
  • tailoring of new clothing models,
  • searching for new ways of maximum efficient use of materials.

As a result, we have bold, bright, unique clothes that at the same time demonstrate a conscious/environmental approach to consumption.

Every piece of material is important, because it may be needed in any unit of future clothing. As in a hat, as in a jacket. And it is interesting that this process is still dynamic: the search for optimization and minimization of expenses/remains of production continues...


Environmental friendliness

Obvious and undeniable advantages for the environment:

1) We only use existing clothes and/or dead stock fabrics, and there are tons of that stuff stockpiled. We use garment accessories of those brands that share an ecological outlook. We support the long-term use of things (as opposed to fast fashion).

2) We save the planet's most valuable resource - water. In numbers, washing a pair of jeans uses up to ten liters of water, compared to the 3 000 liters required to make a new pair of jeans using traditional fast fashion methods.

3) We use labels, tags, printed products and packaging made exclusively from recycled materials. This is our fundamental position of ecological consumption.

4) We care about the people involved in the production process. All our garments are hand cut and sewn in the classic way in our workshop in Podkarpattia, Poland. We laugh together as we create our denim pieces, laying the powerful energy base for future clothing. We appreciate the skill of every person in the community, who cooperates with our business.

5) We believe that every piece of jeans can be used almost to the last scrap. We are constantly searching for optimization and minimization of production waste.

Very Worry it’s our way to existing on the planet.