My name is Alyona and I am the founder of the VERY WORRY brand.


Jeans have been my love and passion since childhood, because when I was a teenager, denim was the most desirable item in every kids wardrobe.

When I got my first pair of jeans, I fell madly in love with them. And after holes were made in her knees, I didn't throw them away. I cut off the lower part and knit it with knitting needles. No one had such a thing! I liked the feeling of being unique and not like everyone else.

This idea formed the basis of my brand.


We are a workshop of caring people who create unisex clothes by upcycling - sewing new items of clothing from existing ones.

None of the models are repeated! Because it is impossible.

Our products are a stylish addition to basic things. By adding any item from the brand's products, you get a complete look.


Why are these clothes timeless?

  1. The basic material we work with – denim – is with us forever.
  2. We reproduce classic/timeless clothing models in denim. We combine together the unusual, incompatible, not obvious at first sight. This is a fresher history of your wardrobe.
  3. We do not follow trends. This is an outdated and ungrateful story, because one of the largest industries in the world works to generate trends. Instead, we emphasize a person's personal style.
  4. Upcycling has mainstream ambitions. It marks its connoisseurs as sustainably stylish. It "breaks" the usual way of consumption and creates new rules of the game in the garment world.
  5. Any the only one thing in the world defaultly is not a subject of fashionable-unfashionable evaluations. It’s unique, unrepeatable, like every person on the planet.